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When your exhaust system is functioning at top capacity, your car demonstrates good fuel efficiency.  At Antonio’s Mufflers in Stockton, we specialize in repairing and replacing mufflers to restore your vehicle to premium conditions. You can rest assured knowing your muffler service will be handled quickly and safely, with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Signs Your Muffler Needs Repair

The following are indicators that your muffler is not performing properly:

  • Poor gas mileage
  • Unusual fume emissions
  • Starting delays
  • Rattling noises
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Failure to repair your muffler can result in serious issues for both you and your vehicle. If a hole in the muffler isn’t addressed, it may allow carbon monoxide to pass directly under the vehicle rather than flowing out and away from it. Not only do these emissions smell unpleasant, but they can also greatly increase your risk of suffering carbon monoxide poisoning.

Trust Antonio’s with Your Muffler Repair

At Antonio's Mufflers, our motto is more power, no annoying leaking noise, and better performance.

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